You've Been Poto'd

you've been poto'd
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♥ ♥ I claimed Fiyero as my Soulmate @ soulmate_claims! ♥ ♥

sahirawr is the frosting to my cupcakes.
ryden_exists28 is the Jared to my Jensen.
uuliani is the Harry to my Draco.
sarah3000 is the Colin to my Bradley.
winter_soldier is the pants to my jizz.
ohcloudy is the Remus to my Sirius.
alittlebitmaybe is the Hermione to my Ron.
detaails is the Anoop to my Matt.
dreamtaker247 is the Woody to my Buzz.
recklessdreamx is the Merlin to my Arthur.
heroes_and_cons is the Jake to my Kris.
narcoticaddict is the Archie to my Cook.
jadel_mah is the Lily to my James.
tiang is the Chris to my Blake.
ballerynna is the honey to my bee.